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How To Handle Correction Signings .... Correctly!

When you need to handle a correction signing or a re-sign here are the signing rules:

1. Don't change any dates that are pre-printed EXCEPT the jurats/notary acknowledgements.

2. Your Notary acknowledgement MUST always (yes always) tell the truth about the signing including the PLACE (County of _____, State of_______ where you sign the document,) the DATE (that you are appearing to have the person sign) and the PARTIES (the people before you to sign).

You are always responsible for the veracity of this part of any document regardless of what is already there. It is as if you wrote it. It must tell the truth.

3. When Borrowers sign and there is a date already in place next to where they need to sign, leave the date alone BUT if the document calls for a date and there is no date there write in the date that you are witnessing the Party sign.

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