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How to Confirm a Signing Appointment

When confirming a signing, it is important to be thorough and detail-oriented. Make sure to review all necessary documents in advance and know all parties involved. Confirm the location of the closing and gather any necessary details such as parking information. It is also crucial to ensure that the signers have reviewed the final numbers and are aware of any cash-out amounts.

Always speak to the signers with a positive and friendly attitude. Introduce yourself and your company to create a welcoming atmosphere. If you are unable to reach the signer, try reaching out through text or email and double-check that you have the correct contact information. Taking the time to review the documents before confirming the signing can help prevent any last-minute issues or delays. You many also spot some issues to discuss with the signers to prevent any surprises as the closing table.

In conclusion, by following these steps and staying organized, you can ensure a smooth and successful signing process for all parties involved. Remember to always be professional, attentive, and proactive in your approach to confirmations.

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